Friday's Thoughts

October 9, 2015

House Meetings

Thank you for your support and participation in our house meetings. I think they went great! How many of you had the chants in your head last night? I could not get them out of my head. :-) Our hope is that we will continually reinforce the essentials so that our students use them every single day. I cannot wait until the house council is in place, and I am looking forward to seeing who will run for President, Vice President, and Secretary of each house. This opportunity will be such a good lesson in leadership for our students.

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your time with family.


A Team

In order to ensure we attempt every instructional strategy to help a student before testing them, we are going to have an A Team at our school. We began this last year, but never moved forward with it. When a student is referred to RTI, the A Team will meet with that teacher to possibly give additional ideas and strategies to help that student be successful in the classroom. As names are given to me, you will receive an email about attending a meeting. At that meeting, we will ask that you bring work samples, reading level, and any other indicators of student performance that may be helpful. Our goal is to make sure we have exhausted all options before testing.

Update Reading Wall

Tuesday during your planning, please come to our Data Room (the room with the F & P wall displayed) to update your F & P cards.


The district has provided money for us to add some intervention for reading. Hannah Billingsley, Amber's sub for maternity leave, will serve third, fourth, and fifth graders. She will work with those students who are reading below grade level using the F & P LLI kit. If you have not sent me any readers that you are concerned about and their reading levels, please do so as soon as possible (third-fifth grades). She will work on her schedule next week, and begin groups as soon as possible. She will work with groups in the old science lab next to Amber Greer's room. The goal will be to pull during their independent reading time so that they do not miss classroom instruction.


I am going to send out information to you at the beginning of next week on your SLO. Please make sure you have looked at the form and completed the first page of your SLO. This will be your information, along with your objective, pre-test date, post-test date, interval of instruction, beginning instruction date, and ending instruction date. Please complete your rationale as well. Please remember that this is a learning year. I will send more information out next week. The date for the template to be complete is October 21st.

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival committee met yesterday and we are excited about the festival. More information will follow soon! It is going to be a fun night!

Parent Communication

Please remember to communicate with parents on a regular basis. Keep Parent Portal up-to-date and update your websites. Don't forget those positive communications as well!

Upcoming Dates

Oct. 13th: Update F & P wall during planning

Oct. 15th: Fall pictures (Make-Up date)

Oct. 16th: Friday with K & M during planning

Oct. 19th: Book Fair Opens

Oct. 21st: ALICE Drill

Oct. 23rd: RRW Begins!