Africa Hunger

By: Abi Lepinski

Have you ever had to face a day without hunger? How about a week or month? Unfortunately for most in Africa this is a common struggle.

Many people in Africa are facing sever hunger, waking up and going to sleep hungry, some not eating any meal all day. It's not just a few people who are hungry, it's 239 million people.

Many people in Africa are suffering for days and weeks against the hunger crisis. Poor rainfall and high crop failure has made it difficult for farmers to grow food for their families. Not having sufficient nutrition for young children lead to growth and development delays. Their bodies get weak and their immune systems have a hard time fighting off common illnesses such as malaria and pneumonia.

Many people in Africa are having trouble feeding there families because of extreme poverty. Imagine only making one dollar a day and having to feed your entire family. For most African families they do just that. That one dollar a day and that dollar needs to get them everything that they need to survive.

The soil in Africa does not have sufficient nutrients that allows plants to grown. Many people rely on their small land farms for their food and income. Any loss of crops in these small farms can be serious problems to families.


People from around the world are leading a hand to help with poverty in Africa. One example is the Adventist Development & relies agent (ADRA) The ADRA teaches families how to grow crops, raise animals, cook & understand their health.


If the soil could be improved by putting the right nutrients back in, more crops could be grown. The plants would have a better chance to survive and that means more food for people to have.

Many people in Africa are having a hard time living because they don't have enough money or they don't have the right nutrients causing them to go hungry. Many people go hungry for a long period of time, day and night without seeing or eating food or water. All these problems could get solved if just the simplest things were better,the soil, the income & the ability to feed your family.

Africa could use your help to solve hunger, step up and help today!

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