The story of Jasmine Plummer

by:shytira everett

What is this about?

Jasmine Plummer is the most influential female athlete in the united states.Plummer was signed onto the Harvey Colts as staring quarter back.She also led her team to the super bowl when she was just 11years old. What I mean by that is she led her team to the champion ship.She really never knew why she wanted to start.

Straight to the point

  • Sport:Plummer was a football player
  • Position: Quarter Back
  • Team:Harvey Colt
  • Who was she :she the first female quarter back in 60years of football
  • Age:she started at 11 and she is now 23
  • Movie:"THE LONGSHOT"

Oh No

Her first bad experience was when she received 23 stitches.When she was only eight she played with teenage boys at the park. She tackled them she didn't know what was going on so she didn't cry at all.The boys carried her home and her mom Cassandra still freaked out while asking what happen.It really didn't change a thing a week later she was back playing at the park.MORE FUN :" I used to play with barbies and stuff but it just got to boring," said jasmine.


Jasmine have a movie inspired by her call THE LONGSHOT.

  • KEKE PLAMER-as female athlete- JASMINE PLUMMER
  • greatness in a movie :)


Ms.plummer was born in Harvey,Illinois. Her high school was Joliet west high school, and Angelou elementary school. She also coached with her uncle Curtis Plummer and her mom name is Cassandra. THE END