Oscar Sanahuja


This experiment was trying to know the concentration of solute the drinks that we where using.


Our hypothesis was that if the solute concentration was very high it was going to go inside the water without solute. Depending of the color and the heavy it was going to be heavier or with a strong color

Materials that we used:


1st: Take the cups with coke, coke light and water inside (Same quantity.)

2nd: Take the 3 plastic bags and put inside the purified water.

3th: put the bags with purified water inside the cups

4th: Wait 24 hours

5th: Put all the bags out and look if the heavy and color is different.


Coke: the color of the bag was a strong yellow and it was heavier than before so this means that the coke has a lot of solute.

Coke light: It had a light yellow color and the bag was a little bit heavier than before. This means that the coke light has a little bit of solute.

Water: The color was the same and the heavy was a little bit heavier. This means that it was almost the same quantity of solute.