Getting Attention

A "How to" on appropriately getting your child's attention

Trying this at home

Model your behavior when teaching the child, a simple tap on the shoulder & getting to their level will make it easier to communicate with your child.


Practice this technique with both both parents or siblings, either matters!

Your child can teach his/her grandparents or teddy bear on how to grab a person attention.


Remind your child about this technique. If your busy with an important task (lets say cooking for example) and he/she begins to whine or cry for your attention, remind her by saying: "It looks like you need something. I will respond if you tap on my shoulder and ask me".


If your child succeeds in doing this, show him/her some affection for remembering.

"Wow! you tapped my shoulder because you wanted something! I'm proud of you, i'll be more than happy to get you something."

Practice at School

Peer interactions are engaged when a child wants to give or get something from a friend of theirs. grabbing or yelling across the room isn't the best thing to do when trying to get a friends attention. If he/she is doing said thing, he/she should:

1.Move or stand next to the person

2.Tapping person on the shoulder

3.looking at a persons eyes to see if they have their attention.

The bottom line

upon communication, behavior in vital. some children have weird ways of communicating via hitting, screaming, crying and whining. A child's behavior will be reinforced when his needs have been met. The child will most likely use less challenging behavior when parents teach a child how to appropriately get a child's or person's attention