Second Grade Scoop

Week of May 2nd, 2016


Hi Parents,

I understand the newsletter was not received by some of you. I am sorry for that. I am asking that you reply to my email (the one that contained this link) with your child's name, so I can verify everyone's email.

Today we started BYOD and it went great! The students learned to log on to the school's WiFi and tomorrow we will be doing a Kahoot to prepare for the Fairy Tale Battle. Please continue to send in the devices, every day, charged and ready to go. Today we had 8 students bring in devices!

The Fairy Tale Battle and Ball is Wednesday, May 4th. Originally, I thought the students were to dress as fairy tale characters, but they are to dress as if they were attending a ball! For example, dresses, slacks, polos, etc. Both the ball and battle will take place during school hours.

Our Mother's Day Tea is Friday, May 6th. The invitations went home on Friday. Please RSVP by Wednesday, May 4th. Thank you to Alani, Jack, Abigail, Brianna, and Nadeen for bringing in a baby picture this week! Please send a picture of your child (can be any picture from a previous year) as soon as possible. These pictures will be returned.

Last Thursday was conference night! Thank you to the mom's of Nadeen, Scotty, Arjun, and Abigail for coming in. It was wonderful to meet you all. Here is another Sign-Up Genius for conferences this week. I would like to meet you all, introduce myself, and work together to make goals for the rest of the year. Jack's mom is already signed-up to meet this week - you rock!

Our MOSI Field Trip is Wednesday, May 18th, 2016. We are able to have as many chaperones as we want for this field trip, so the more the merrier. The money for MOSI is due May 13th. Brianna, Nicholas, and Jack are ready to go! Woohoo!

HOMEWORK STARTS THIS WEEK! Tomorrow the your children will receive their homework for the week. Homework will be graded for completion. There will be a weekly reading log, a math sheet, technology, and writing/vocabulary homework. Traditionally, homework will go home on Monday and be due Friday. This week, since it is going home Tuesday, will be due Monday. Homework is a great way for students to get extra practice on skills we have learned or are learning in the classroom!

I am hoping that lines of communication open up a bit. Please check and sign the agenda every night. Feel free to write short notes to me as often as needed. Also, email is a great way to get ahold of me, so you're welcome to email me whenever. The weekly newsletter will continue each week.

There is only 28 days left of school! We've got this!

- Mrs. Bontrager

What is Happening in the Classroom?

ELA - We are working on pulling information from the text, "From Duckling to Duck," to sequence the events that occur as a duckling grows to a duck.

Writing - We are finishing up last week's narratives and jumping into a writing as a reader to respond to our text, "From Duckling to Duck."

Math - We are beginning to review line plots and working on measuring to collect data.

Science - We are finishing up learning about butterflies (our caterpillar is now a chrysalis) and are going to start the life cycles of frogs.

What is Happening at TBK8?

5/4 - Fairy Tale Battle and Ball

5/6 - Mother's Day Tea

5/18 - Field Trip to MOSI

5/19 - International Bizarre

5/30 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day Holiday

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to email me anytime you need!