Install Garage Door Opener

Proper Maintenance Of Garage Door Opener

Generally, the garage door is the largest moving object on your house. And because of the invention of garage door opener, the traditional way of operating it has been vanished. Garage door opener is an important device that helps you to carry the door without using your strength to raise it. A well maintained garage door opener can give a door a smooth and effective operation during the day. Likewise, if you show improper care or apathy to the condition of the door, believe it or not even a small malfunction or defect can bring a devastating incidents. So, if you don’t want it to happen act now and show care to your investments.

Here, you can read the light and simple tasks you can do as a homeowner and it is extremely important in order for the garage door opener and garage door to operate safely and smoothly.

1. For proper protection while doing this task, all you have to do is to turn off the garage door opener power, don’t wear loose shirt and take off all your jewelries and accessories.

2. Check the hinges, if they are rusted use a steel wool to remove the rust. Clean the rails, arms and surface of the door by using a clean cloth.

3. The mounting brackets, cables and fastener need to be checked. Look them clearly if they are broken or faulty. Then, take note of the parts that need an urgent replacement.

4. Lube the hinge pin, axles and drive chain by using a light and penetrating oil. Remove the excess oil by the used of soft cloth. Remember, once or twice lubrication is needed for drive chain every year. Then, when the chain become slower, all you have to do is to adjust the chain tension.

5. At least test the safety reversing feature twice a year.

Then, when you can’t handle any issues alone, you ought to call garage door repair company now. Or else just give this link a quick visit: