Team Posh Blossoms

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER -- November 30, 2015


Congratulations, everyone for an absolutely amazing month! As I write this, we are having our best month ever and have surpassed our monthly goals of $25K TV and 11 new teammates!! We have added 20 new Posh Blossoms this month and are over $26K!! WAY TO GO!!!

Welcome to all the new Posh Blossoms that joined us in November (up until I sent this out)!!!

Jennifer Regas

Taylor Alexander

Wendy Black

Brianna Turley

Kristy Helton

Wendy Lilly

Laurie Sullivan

Nikki Piles

Rachel Nesmeyer

TNT Bender

Brandi Johnston

Jennifer Smith

Andrew Slutsky

Judith Vardeleon

Dodi Petersen

Megan Taylor

Andria Heese

Tanya Moore

Haley Greenlee

Irene Yvette Colson


Peppermint is a plant. The leaf and oil are used as medicine.

Peppermint oil is used to relieve skin irritation, itchiness, and redness where inflammation is present. The menthol content of the oil is also known to allow blood vessels to relax and improve circulation.

Perfectly Posh products containing peppermint oil:

Perk! Skin Stick

Pout About It Lip Gloss

Mint for Each Other Body Scrub

Free Mug!!!

Thirty-one Posh Blossoms earned the super cute FREE mug!!! I wonder if there will be a giveaway next month too?!?!


Shaleen's quick and easy way to wrap scrubs and face masks for Christmas:


Spring and Summer 2016 Day Away

Registration starts December 1 at 4PM MST!


I'll start off this one since I completely spaced on 'interviewing' anyone for this!

About Me:

Age: 45

Family: husband Rod, sons Max (9) and Fin (7); black lab Ike (11) and Schnauzer Ace (10)

Where do I live: Columbia, MO

When did I join Posh: May 30, 2014

Rank: Premier

Favorite Posh products: Healer stick, BFF, BFYHC

Hobbies: traveling, art, cooking

Favorite Food: SUSHI

Favorite color: hot pink (even before I started with Posh - promise!)

Interesting fact about me: I was in the Peace Corps in Jamaica in 1995.

Team Posh Blossoms

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***This is a new weekly newsletter that I will post a link to on our FB team page as well as email everyone a copy. I am very new to this, so any suggestions are appreciated!***