Speech Recognition

Assistive Technology Tool for Education

Personalize the Device to Your Needs!

Windows 7 offers a way for you to personalize your PC to accommodate individual needs and simplify your life! The speech recognition tool allows users to navigate the computer with your voice, and you can train your computer to better understand you. It's true! In setting up the speech recognition accessibility feature, users can complete a speech tutorial and read a variety of sentences to improve voice recognition.

To get started, go to the Start Menu and type in "speech recognition" in the search bar. Upon initial installment, the speech recognition wizard will walk you through the microphone setup. Once it is set up, the speech recognition button will appear at the top of your desktop. To use, simply click on the microphone and start talking! You can also print a speech reference card for quick tips on how to get the most out of this accessibility device.

A GREAT Tool for Education

Have you ever had really great ideas, but felt a mental block when trying to physically write or type ideas? Many students in the special education population struggle with the ability to communicate well, and find it difficult to form cohesive thoughts when writing. The speech recognition tool on Windows 7 allows students to personalize a device so they can get their ideas down in a more timely, organized manner. This tool would reduce stress and anxiety due to communication impairment. As a built in feature, there is no need to purchase additiional software to allow students to record their voice to produce writing. The speech recognition tool may also help users to practice better pronunciation and improve speaking skills,

Online Tutorial

For more information on how to use this accessibility feature, please visit the following link:


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