Ernst Films

By: Regan Ernst

Six Business Activities for Your Business

  1. Generating Ideas: Ernst Films is a business for people who want a film idea to become reality. We make films, movies, and slideshows for customers who would like a more professional quality film, slideshow, etc. Films and movies are created by a process of supplying the needed equipment and the customer not only gets their ideas created , but gets to direct during the whole process. Slideshows are created by our staff. All you need to do is submit the pictures and we will do the rest. We will pick a song and theme (if you have not chose one already). Ernst Films started from making simple slideshows or family and friends, then expanded to creating slideshows and films for schools, organizations, and sports. I knew that most people could make a simple slideshow, but mine were much more thought out and organized. This makes Ernst Films unique and different. We use the program Sony Vegas for our video editing and we use the program Audacity for the audio. Most people who make films or slideshows use free programs that are simple and uninteresting like IMovie or Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Raising Capital: Ernst Films started from the ground up, I saved my own money to buy the editing systems needed and all the equipment needed. I also received loans from the bank, which are all paid for now that business has picked up. Once I was getting regular business, profit was easily made.
  3. Employee & Training: My employees are recruited from schools all over the United States, with real potential in film. These employees consist of a creative and imaginative mind. We train our employees by having a hands on competition, the contestants submit their films and we chose a winner. If the winner meets all the qualifications such as a masters in film production, experience with the editing program we use, and a recommendation letter from their film production professor, then the students receives the opportunity to work with out staff. Our small staff works as a group, putting in our ideas and using each others ideas, we always make something that you will love. Though our employees are a small group, it consists of many different individuals with different styles, that way we get to see the many directions to take the film and help you decide how you would like your film to be interpreted.
  4. Buying Goods & Services: Most equipment is personally owned by the members of our staff, but if we are in need of other equipment that we do not own, we will rent it. (Such as a multiple cameras) When it comes to actors, it is the customers job to supply those. Though we will help you find things such as costumes and props, those payments are added into the final payment or the film.
  5. Marketing Goods & Services: I will buy advertisements mainly for the modern age. Since our company has everything to do with the newest technology, it only makes sense to buy our advertisements through the internet. We will use social media to expand our customers. Plus some advertising will come out of the competition we hold for the schools. People will read about the competition and then look up what are business is really about.
  6. Maintaining Business Records: Everything will be online, I will use Paypal to keep record of all the money issues. This will make it easier for our customers, and our employees.
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Business Entity

I am choosing a partnership with a friend, because I believe working as a team is a better and more tactical way of becoming a well known and liked business. Other advantages is getting another persons view on a subject or having the other person taking on some of the stress of becoming a business instead of just you. Some disadvantages might be payments and if your partner decided later that they are uninterested with the business anymore or they just don't want to do their part.

Business Goals

First Year Business Goals:

1. Expand Company buildings worldwide

2. Be financially stable, no debts, loans payed, etc.

3. Have enough money to launch a published movie of our own

4. Advertise my business all over the world

5. Start a camp for young film makers

Mission Statement

"Filming the future today, so that tomorrow is always unexpected."
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Ernst Films Commercial