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Lindsey Johnson

Our Menu

Choose from a variety of instructional options! Mix and match to opt for what is appealing to you!

Our awesome appetizers

Gather Resources- I can hunt those hard to find lesson components and ideas.

Co-planning- We can collaboratively plan a lesson/lessons that meet best practices.

Differentiation Support- Help design choice assignments or tiered activities for small group and teacher table.

Main Entrees

Demonstration Lesson- Have a lesson demonstrated in your classroom while you observe.

Data Analysis- Collaboratively analyze any of our formative assessment tools to help guide instructional decisions.

Technology Support- Create interactive flipcharts or help utilize apps and programs to maximize student engagement.

Classroom Assistant- Serve as another pair of eyes to track student concerns.

Observe a Teacher- Have your class covered so you can observe another teacher.


Reflection- Through conversation, we can reflect on student learning in your classroom.

Collaboration- Help you connect with teachers in your building or throughout Anna ISD.

Brainstorming- Collaboratively bounce innovative ideas off one another.

Listening and Support- Lead an open and confidential ear for whatever you need!

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If there is something you need that you don't see on the menu, please request it anyway! We can tailor it to your needs!