North Sea

Ethan Rittmiller 8th hour


1. The North Sea is located between the UK and Norway and also borders parts of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

2. The North Sea is 970 kilometers long and it's deppest point is 700 meters.

3. Some animals that live in the North Sea are the herring gulls, little terns, barnacles, spotted Rays, and grey seals.

4. The north seas water type is salt water.

5. The North Sea has cooler weather. The highest temperature recorded is 63 degrees and the coldest is 43 degrees. A normal temperature is 50 degrees.

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6. Some human made features are oil drills and oil stations.

7.some languages spoken are Danish, Dutch, and English.

8. Some religions practiced in Europe and by the North Sea are Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism.

9. Europe has a democracy for its political system.

10. On the North Sea many people fish and drill for oil. For the past few years oil coming from the Nort Sea is dropping suggesting there is not much more oil to drill.

11. A lot of people live around the North Sea because they rely on shipments and jobs.

12. The North Sea has a lot of oil in the ground and an assortment of fish that are edible.

13. The North Sea can affect where people live because it provides jobs and easy shipping routes. Some major cities by the sea are Aalborg, Aberdeen, Bergen, Bremen, and Halmstand

14. Some human characteristics found in the North Sea are oil drills, oil barges, and underwater tunnels for easy travel by train.


As shown the North Sea has very divine marine life. It also is famous for the oil it produces and being a great sea to ship on. The locals rely on it for food, transportation, and goods. To restate The North Sea is very important to the Europeans