Community Supported Agriculture

By: Cayla Primous

Information that explains the growth of CSA

Over the last few years CSA has taken root in North America and spread over every region. CSA started with only 2 farms in 1986, currently there are over 6,000 CSAs in the US. CSAs are becoming a significant alternative to the industrial agrifood system. They are providing direct support for hundreds of small farms and clean local food for thousands of families. People have started being more concerned about their health and want to get away from processed foods and chemicals. CSAs are giving them a way to eat healthy and to know where their food is coming from.

Information that supports the growth of CSAs

Community Supported Agriculture is a great thing for the economy for many reasons. CSAs provide the community with ultra fresh, locally grown produce. They also help students to learn about new fruits and vegetables. CSAs give students a serious understanding of the seasons and what grows during that season in their area. People are now supporting their community by being aware of the foods they eat and where they come from. They develop relationships with the farmers and eat more locally grown fruits and vegetables. This helps the farmer by providing a more stable source of income and helps the people by providing healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables.