September News

Miss Hackbarth and Miss Brown's 4th Grade Class

Team Building

We know how there is strength in numbers, right? The first two weeks of school we worked on activities that helped us work together as a team. We did things like building a perch for a puff ball named Harry when given random materials, saving a gummy worm named Fred who needed help getting into his life preserver (a gummy life saver), and built cup towers using a rubber band tool that forced us to work together. Although we each have differences, we are practicing communicating with each other, sharing ideas, and working together. We know we can be a successful team this year!

Friendship Pie

After reading Enemy Pie by Derek Munson we discussed what characteristics need to go into a good friendship. Students created their own recipes for Friendship Pie and we displayed them in the room to remind us to be kind and caring friends and classmates.