Oregon Trail

By: Cassidy Mayer

Trail Day 1

My family and I started our journey on April 23, 1844. My name is Dan. I am a lumberman from Minnesota. The members of my family that traveled the Oregon trail are my wife, Rose, my daughter ,Collins, ten years of age, my daughter, Kyi, six years of age, and my adopted son, Jack, fourteen years of age. I have $150 at the start of my journey in addition to 1000 BWUs available in my wagon.

The first day on the Oregon Trail was rough. My family and I were not used to the poor conditions. We came across a violent river, that was very dangerous to cross, but my family could not afford to take the fairy and be safe. We had to cross the river, but we prayed everything would be safe when we are making this dangerous agreement. It was a very sad night. The wagon tipped over when Collins was crossing the river. Collins was injured and eventually, she died.

Trail Day 2

Day 2 was very hard, we were grieving about the death of Collins. My family had to move forward to be able to survive the Oregon Trail, but Collins will always be remembered and loved. We would have to participate in activities. If you would loose the different activities you would loose items in your wagon. If you won you would gain items that would go into your wagon.

Each leader of the wagons would have to balance heavy items on their heads and carry them at the same time. If the wagon leader dropped the heavy item you would loose important items that you have to survive off of.

Trail Day 3

I noticed each day was getting harder and harder. I was getting scared for my family's life. We were in risk. We would have to do the same actives each day. Some times our wagon group fail and sometimes we succeed. We worked very hard to survive and keep our survival items in our wagon, not being taken out.

Our wagon group had to make the same important desiction as day 1. We had to decide if we wanted to take the risk and cross the aggressive river or take the fairy. I was scared that the same thing would happen like day 1. My family did not bring a lot of money to Oregon, we had no choice to cross the river. My family successfully made it across the river, our wagon group's son lost his life crossing the river.

Trail Day 4

At the beginning of our journey, my family thought it was difficult to survive, but by day 4 I thought we were all going to die that day. The activities got harder, too, I thought that we were going to have no items in our wagon by the end of the day. I did not have a good feeling that day. I knew that by the first activity. It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to survive.

One person in our wagon train had to carry their own body weight and whoever fell to the floor, had no more items left in their wagon. The activities keep coming, they got harder. We had to throw a objects in to a small surface. That is what got my wagon group. That is what made all of us die.