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Winter 2016


This newsletter is developed for the faculty at Baker College of Port Huron and Clinton Township. We hope you find information and inspiration on this page which will help you reflect on your teaching practices and student learning.

Teri Horton, Instructional Effectiveness Specialist

Amy Ghattas, Entrepreneurship Program Champion

Winter 2016 Kickoff

Welcome back and welcome to the New Year, 2016!

The theme for the 2015-2016 professional development is Technology Integration: Maximizing Technology that Students Bring to the Classroom. Students are expected to bring to class a fully charged personal device (laptop or tablet) to enhance their learning. Our goal as faculty is to maximize student learning, maximize student engagement, and maximize the relevance of our lessons. Classroom technology allows for a more learner-centered classroom as students engage in tasks that were once inconceivable, tasks which help them achieve the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Now, those are skills today’s employers expect to see in our graduates!

The way instructors use technology in the classroom directly impacts how well students develop the critical thinking skills necessary for the workplace. This is why we asked each of you to complete a Technology Integration Form this fall. We want you to think strategically about how and why you use technology and how that technology helps students better achieve their learning outcomes. A phenomenal 99% of our faculty submitted forms, and we had many outstanding submissions. Thank you!! We can’t wait to read the Technology Integration Forms you submit for Winter Quarter.

Dr. Treanor took some time to highlight faculty who have truly embraced technology integration in their classrooms. These faculty members had great ideas such as using fun formative assessment tools, using video to record role plays and student made commercials, and creating electronic portfolios. You can read the faculty highlights below for a deeper look at two of our instructors’ strategies. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching math or medical terminology, there are so many different platforms of technology that can be embraced in your classroom.

We were also thrilled that Bob Payne came to the Faculty Kickoff to walk us through how to use the Baker College Ed Tech website. The Ed Tech website is filled with resources to support your use of technology in the classroom. For example, you may have a student learning outcome (SLO) you want your students to accomplish but need some ideas about how you can integrate technology to fulfil this requirement. Now you can visit the Ed Tech website and find appropriate technology. To find the right tool, go to the word cloud and click on categories such as graphic organizers, blended learning, lecture, critical thinking, formative assessment, infographics, etc. Bob has also created a storage of tutorials to make our job a lot easier. There is a new tutorial created each week, and you can sign up to get the tutorials sent to your email. You will find a link to the Ed Tech website at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to seeing you again for the Spring Kickoff on Monday, March 28.

Winter 2016 Break-out Group Facilitators: THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

Amy Ghattas, Chen-Chen Lui-Toth, Lori Mills, Tessa Betts, Kristen Conte, Jeff Blohm, Manisha Sharan, Anders Wisdom, Jurauri Ely, Marianne Tear, Teri Horton, Pat Martin, Iris Lane, Mary Jane Merren, Katherine Pickens, Louise Wang-Weldon, Nick Cornfield, Tammy Kenny, Kevin Ball, Nathan Rutkofske, Susan Glover, Susan Burcham, and Tim Pawlowski.

Faculty Highlight from Clinton Township: Amber Fante's Tips for Using Cell Phones to Create Educational Videos

Technology Integration Helpful Tips

As a 21st century teacher I am constantly looking for fun and creative ways to get my students actively engaged with content. For the last 7 years I have been using YouTube to flip my classroom and share content and lectures with my students. This past semester I challenged myself to incorporate more interesting ways to integrate technology while moving higher on Bloom's Taxonomy of critical thinking. One of the most powerful verbs according to Bloom's Taxonomy is "create." I decided to have my students create a public service announcement about the topic we were studying. Instead of taking notes, or a quiz, they had to engage with the content to think of an interesting way to share it out with others.

As a class we brainstormed what we wanted the public service announcement to look like. Then different groups took responsibility for developing sound bites. We put all these together into a video which we shot using my phone. Then I uploaded the clip to our YouTube account. The students really enjoyed watching their work together. I very much enjoyed this technique and plan to do more student created infomercials in the future.

Now, think about the ways you can use videos in the classroom to teach content and engage students. So many possibilities!

Faculty Highlight from Port Huron: Nathan Rutkofske's Tips for Using Eportfolios in the Classroom

One of the biggest struggles our students face is the navigation of an ever changing digital landscape; specifically social media, which is often seen as a distraction from — rather than a tool for — education. Through the use of freely available ePortfolios in my courses, students engage in social media by using it as a tool for networking and collaboration. The end result is a project which enables students to easily showcase and share their work with employers, graduate schools, scholarship foundations, and collaborators.

The ePortfolio serves as an end of semester project in which students revise and reflect on the work they feel best highlights their progress, growth, and flexibility. I primarily use the assignment in composition courses but the format can be easily adapted to fit any discipline which requires the production and communication of knowledge work.

I use Google sites and my students have been very receptive. It is free, does not require additional software to download or sign up for, is already at the disposal of our students as part of their Baker email address, and is accessible with virtually any type of device. My students have created and shared content using smartphones, tablets, and traditional computer technology which is critical in the BYOD classroom.

MyHelp & Ed Tech Site


For additional resources, including videos and instructions, for Blackboard, Google, Solar, MyBaker, and many other systems used at Baker College, visit the MyHelp website.

Ed Tech Site

Have you ever wondered how you can further enhance your classroom? Would you like to know how to customize video for your classroom? Do you just want some different ideas to make your classroom more learner-centered?

GREAT NEWS!! Baker College has a FREE website that will show you how to incorporate so many different ideas into your classroom. Click on the link below for video tutorial. The Ed Tech site is a great and easy way to help you further integrate technology into your classroom.

Mentor & Magna Commons Review

Last quarter I went on to the Magna Commons and I watched a seminar about how to get students to come to class prepared. I implemented much of what I learned from the video, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover how well the strategies worked with my own students. This quarter I wanted to get my students excited to be in class so I turned to the Magna Commons and found another great idea. I watched the video “Ten Ways to Actively Engage Your Students.” This seminar was just what I was looking for; it blends the theoretical with the practical and explores it all in light of growing interest in active learning. I took what I learned from this seminar, and it has truly helped enhance my classroom. I have always loved discussion in the classroom, and one of the tips from the seminar is to have students start the class. I was unsure the first time I did it, but I noticed the students were able to bring a great variety to the way new content is introduced. For example, I explained to the first student participant that we would be covering information from the reading and she had control of the classroom. She asked students to use their devices to find a business event relating to the topic. Not only did this bring a different dynamic to the class, it generated great discussion and the students were engaged in the activity. It was a win-win situation.

For more great ideas visit Magna Commons yourself. For a minimal investment of time, you can improve your teaching strategies and have more student engagement.

Click on the link below to learn how to access this resource.

by Amy Ghattas

Campus Spring Kick-off & New Faculty Training Dates:

Spring 2016 Faculty Kickoff Dinner & PD

  • Monday, March 28, 2016 from 5-9 PM {All Departments}

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  • Tuesday, March 29, 2016 from 5-9:30 PM {Phase 1}
  • Tuesday, March 29, 2016 from 5-7:30 {Phases 2 & 3}

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