Math Champions!

-a school-wide fluency building competition-

What is Math Champions?

Math Champions is our school's approach to building fact fluency in all grades. Two sets of 25 facts are chosen for each grade level that correspond to the CCSS for math, one for the Fall semester and one for the Spring semester. Each week, I go to each class to test them on these facts.

Here's how it works:

  • Students line up.
  • I hold the cards and start the timer where I can see it.
  • At each turn, I show the student a card and then look at the timer. The student has three seconds to say the correct answer. If the student says the correct answer, I flip the card and move on to the next student. At the end of 3 seconds, I say the answer and move to the next student. The card isn't flipped until a) the student says the correct answer or b) 3 seconds pass.
  • Some students usually have to go twice since there are 25 cards.

It usually takes me about 2 hours to get through the whole school, and I try to go in to each grade during the math block. The class in each grade level with the lowest time wins the Math Champions title for that week. Winners and classes whose times reduced are announced the morning after the competition on the announcements.

See what the kids have to say:



At the end of the semester, the Instructional Facilitator form Donna Lee Loflin and I choose a date for the Math War between our two schools. We assign classes to go against one another and we make a schedule that allows for each class-to-class competition to take 5-10 minutes. Sometimes we make videos to send to our opponents to intimidate them. :)

It's important that students be able to see the kids from the other school for this competition. We have used Skype, Google Hangouts, and the web meeting tool in Canvas. Using Canvas is the most reliable. We find a location with a smartboard and check the video and sound ahead of time so that everything is ready to go once the competition starts.

During the Math War, we flip a coin to see which class goes first. Then we go through the cards as we normally would, with each class watching the other one on the smartboard. We announce and record the times of each class-to-class competition, and determine the winner based on the fastest time. We add up times to determine which school won for each grade level and to determine the winning school overall. The principal of the losing school has to wear a t-shirt from the other school for a day.

Click here to access the facts we use.

Need more information?

If you have additional questions or want to see Math Champions in action, contact me!


Deanna Wiles

Instructional Facilitator

Charles W. McCrary Elementary