Martin Luther King Jr.

By Freddie Freeman

Basic Information

Birthday: January 15, 1929

Years lived: 1929-1968

Place of birth: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: American Baptist Minister, Activist, Humanitarian, and leader of the African American Civil Rights Movement


Nobel Peace Prize- 1964

Presidential Metal of Freedom- 1977

Time's person of the year- 1963

Congressional Gold metal- 2004

Springarn Medal- 1957

Grammy Hall of Fame- 2012

Margaret Sanger Awards- 1966

Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album- 1971

Did you know?

1. King's birth name was Michael, not Martin

Character trait







King's father instilled in him religious beliefs, and by the peaceful teachings of Gandhi.

The message he got from Mahatma Gandhi greatly impacted the way he led the civil rights movements.

Fun Fact

Dr. King got a C in public speaking at seminary school.
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