Why Men Love Hoodies?

Men love getting dressed casually, and hooded sweatshirts are a perfect choice when it comes to stylish yet comfortable dressing. Preferably worn in during winters, a hoodie resembles a sweatshirt with a hood attached to it. This hood protects the head from catching a cold. In the recent years, hoodies have become extremely popular among the men due to the availability of their trendy designs, patterns and colors. Opted mostly by young generation, these hoodies have become one of the essential items for a man's wardrobe.

Types of Hoodies
  • Pullover Hoodies: This hoodie is easy to wear as it just needs to be pulled over your head and tied with the help of a drawstring. The drawstring helps in adjusting the size of the hoodie around your head. Making the apparel stylish are the pockets that are found on the front of the hoodie.
  • Zipper Hoodies: For people who look for simple options, can try their hand at zipper hoodies. Zipper hoodies can easily be worn and taken off using a zipper. Men love wearing these hoodies as they are comfortable and easy to slip in.

Use of Hoodies

  • Protection Against Cold: One major purpose of wearing a hoodie is protection against cold. These hoodies cover the body and since they are made of thick material, they keep the body warm. Also, the hood attached to these hoodies protect the head from catching a cold.
  • Easy to Wear: Men find hoodies extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Weather they opt for pullover hoodies or zipper hoodies, both can be worn and taken off easily.
  • Versatile: These hoodies can be worn and paired with any lower apparel like track pants, sweat pants, jeans or shorts. Also, apart from casual dressing, these hoodies are also worn by sportsmen and athletes.
  • Colors and Patterns: Earlier there was an availability of only black hoodies for men, but today, the men have various color options around them. Also, keeping in mind the latest fashion trends, many designers have come up with hoodies that have a religious message or picture imprinted on them.
  • Material: There is a massive choice of hoodies from which the men can choose. Apart from the hoodies made of wool, one can find hoodies in materials like cotton, cashmere, silk, polyester, satin and nylon.
  • Can Be Worn in Any Season: Earlier there was an availability of woolen hoodies and they could be worn only in the winter season. Today, with the availability of hoodies in various materials, hoodies can be worn throughout the year.
  • Styles: Hoodies are available in various styles and patterns. Some of the popular styles are zipped, closed, crew neck, V-neck, without pocket, front pocket and side pocket hoodies.