The Daibutsu of Japan

Daibutsu are giant Buddhas.

What are they?

Daibutsu means giant Buddha in Japanese. Japan has some of the last serviving giant Buddhas, because when China took over Tibet they blew up almost all of their giant statues. Most stand over 10 metres tall and some reach heights of 120 metres! The Buddha in the picture to the left is the Showa Buddha standing at 70.0 ft.

History of the Daibutsu's

Most of the Daibutsu's were errected by monks of the Buddhist community. Many have been around for hundreds of years. The very oldest is the Buddha found at Asuka-dera which has said to been made around the seventh centry the actual temple was said to be made in the 588 shortly after buddhism had been introduced to the area. The most well known one is at the Todai-ji located in Nara

Below are pictures of the various Buddhas listed in the history of Daibutsu's; including the Todai-ji Buddha which is on the left, the Asuka-dera which is in the middle and the tallest in Japan the Ushiku Daibutsu

Japanese Vocabulary

Daibutsu: だいぶつ

Todaiji: とうだいじとうだいじ

Temple: Otera: おてらおてら

Nara: ならなら

Kamakura: かまくらかまくら

Bronze: ブロンズブロンズ

Old: おうおう

World Heritage: Sekaiisan: せかいいさんせかいいさん

National Treasure: Kokuhou: こくほうこくほう