Mrs. Hawke's PM 4K News

Volume 6, Issue 8, Week of October 10 -14, 2016

This Week in 4k

It was a super exciting week with lots of extras going on. This week we worked on learning about letter "Ff" and fire safety. We had picture retakes Monday. We rotated through 7 centers this week by the end of our busy week. We created our "rainbow writing" letter "Ff" in the writing center. We used our hand and forearm to create fall trees in the are center with fingerprint leaves. We refined our cutting skills and used markers to create fire on a picture of a house but the kids favorite part of this project was using the "mini fire extinguisher" (shaving cream) to cover the fire with foam and put it out. We worked to put together a large fire truck floor puzzle at the rug in teams. We created ladders out of playdoh for fire trucks by refining our playdoh fine motor skills of rolling and cutting playdoh with no tools. We explored a new texture in the sensory table with floam. Floam is small colored foam pellets in a sticky substance. It can be molded like playdoh and built with. The kids were also very excited to use iPads in the classroom for the first time this week. The app "2BMe Firefighter" which lets your child tour a fire house, dress fire fighters, drive a fire truck, rescue a kitty from a tree and help put out a fire in a building. Tuesday we were visited by the "climb theatre" group who presented in an interactive performance within our classroom about empathy. Friday we were visited by the Minocqua Fire Department and got to see real fire fighting equipment. They even sent home fire fighter helmets with each child.

Please be sure to check your child's take home folder

There is a half sheet individual reminder in each child's take home folder with their scheduled conference time. Please let me know as soon as possible if that will not work for you, so we can reschedule individually.

Halloween is just around the corner

October 31st is sneaking up quickly. Our plan is to have a small celebration and parent outreach day. I will need classroom volunteers and parents to send in food that day. A form was sent home earlier this week to volunteer to bring something and to let me know what one person may be coming to this event. Those of you who volunteered to bring something will be contacted individually with a request.

Up Coming Events

  • Tuesday Oct 25th & Thursday Oct 27th- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Monday Oct 31 - Halloween Party & Parent Involvement Day
  • Friday Nov 4th - End of the first MHLT Quarter

Be advised I have a sub Monday

I will not be at school Monday. Your child will have their first Substitute teacher. Please discuss this with them as I did to let them know that the rules do not change if Mrs. Hawke is not there. So, if things are slightly off Monday (like folders, behavior charts, ect), you now know why. Also be sure to call the school office if there are last minute changes or something the sub must know.

MHLT Cares

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, Please feel free to contact me. Please note, I usually only get time to check emails at the end of the school day. My direct extension is 2210.