Emma Gomez

A Girl 5th grader

I love soccer here is a story about a day of soccer!

BANG!! BOOM!! The thunder roared and the lightning lit up the sky, as the rain came down the internet got slower,the lights were going on and off. The house was shaking, I was shaking. Then it all calmed down. The sun was rising the birds were singing, my backyard was flooded! “ She opens the door.. She’s Not afraid of all the attention!” my alarm goes off I hit snooze. But, before my alarm goes off again my mom comes in my room and wakes me up. Then she said “Are you ready to get first place!” Then I forgot I had a tournament this week. So hurried off my bed and quickly got ready! I was pumped and tired. So when we got in the car I play with my phone for two minutes and then i fell asleep. Then when we got to the game we played. We won 2-1. Throughout the tournament we won all of the games. Then we were in the last game. Sadly we lost 3-4 and we got second place. I was really happy! A couple of days later it was September 4th, my birthday! I got a cookie cake, nail polish, duck tape, and a lot of other stuff. It was a great Birthday! Today I’m in school and I’m having a lot of fun from this day on!

Some of my favorite hobbies

This is all about me!