Gordon Titcomb Visits JMS

The Last Train

First Stop

Read the foreword to The Last Train. It is written by Arlo Guthrie.

As you read it, what questions comes to mind?
1. Who is Arlo Guthrie
2. What does he mean when he states "a gorgeous tribute" that preserves as it distills for future generations the life of a little railroad station"?

Re-read the foreword and notice what stands out? What does it reveal about The Last Train?
He refers to "the Last Train" as a perfect song.
He refers to this book as a tribute.
He seems to indicate that memories of times gone by need to be preserved.
He values the little railroad stations of the past.

Close reading of the text

As the students listen to the text, listen for evidence to support the comments made in the foreword.

Pass out a copy of the text.

How do the illustrations assist the reader?