How To Survive In The Wilderness

By:Asia Sentoria Maxwell


Make sure you let somebody know were you are going at all times.It could be sister,brothers,mom,dad,friends anybody.Let somebody know were you are going because you don't want to get lost in the woods.


Make sure you bring a tent and sleeping bag or you wont have a good nights sleep.The most important thing about going out in to the wilderness is to have shelter.A tent will be great to sleep in cause you have somewhere to sleep for the night.A sleeping bag can go inside you tent or you can just sleep in the sleeping bag outside the tent. Either way your gonna get a good nights sleep.

GPS or Compass?

You need to always bring a GPS that doesn't run on 4G or a compass because your gonna need one of them to find your way in and out of the woods.Make sure their both working right.You don't want to bring a broken GPS or compass.


Be aware of any wild animals while you are in the woods.Some of the animals could be harmless but know that if you go and try to mess with the animal it might think your trying to hurt it and defined it self by hurting you.So stay away from wild animals while your in the woods


If you have a cell phone try and find a spot were there's service.If you find a service spot you can call for help our call somebody like a family member to tell them your OK cause you don't want to scare them half to death. Having a cell phone can come in handy at all times


If you get lost in the woods and don't know your way out your survival plan is SOS.Try and use and blanket or a shirt to make smoke out of your fire to make a smoke bubble in the air so somebody can find were you are.Try and find pebbles and make an SOS sigh on the ground so if rescures come by they will see your sign

Other People

There might be other people lurking around in the woods trying to find a way out just like you.Try and find any other person your groups of people to be with so you wont be alone in the woods and they might know a way out or you could possible help them out