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A Day in the Life of Student A

Imagine going home and not having conversations with the people around you. Imagine your only opportunity to converse with others being in your fourth grade classroom. These are examples of what A Day in the Life of Student A would be like.

Student A is surrounded by Spanish speaking family members only, and still is not fluent/proficient in Spanish. Student A is surrounded by English speaking classmates, and is not fluent/proficient in English either. It has been determined that Student A has NO Language.

I'm left wondering, "How can I help build Student A's language?" "Should we start building in English or Spanish first?" "What is the best solution for Student A, to help them attain proficiency?" Unfortunately, I am left with no direct answer or time to make this happen.

Let me ask you, "What would you do?"

Assessments Used with Student A

Be The Change For Your Students

As I reflect on this experience with this student I have come to find the true definition of a teacher. A teacher is a person who identifies a problem within a student and stops at nothing until progress is made within this student. A teacher is not afraid of the extra work and hours it will take to help this one student attain proficiency, in anything! A teacher will not let that one student slide under the rug and pretend they don't exist, and pass them off to the next grade. No one ever said that being a teacher is easy, if it were easy everyone would be a teacher. So I ask you this in closing, "What kind of a teacher are you?" Do you have what it takes to rise above the paperwork and long hours to see your students succeed? The answer is, YES! You wouldn't be here if you weren't!