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Fizz, Boom, Science and History!

On May 14 third grade went to The American Museum of Natural History for their field trip! All of third grade boarded a special bus from New York. The bus had super comfy seats with a hanger to put your stuff on and a small T.V to watch movies. You could even put your feet up and pull your chair back to sit and relax. It was luxurious. There was also a private bathroom in the corner of the bus. When everyone was comfy the bus headed to New York. Some people spotted the Statue of Liberty and took pictures. We also went up a big bridge. We all knew we were getting close. We went through a loooooooong tunnel. Once we were through the other side of the tunnel we were at New York!! A few more cool things we spotted in New York later we drove past the main entrance of The American Museum of Natural History! We got to the entrance of The Rose Center for Earth and Space. We all stepped of the bus and the bus drove away in a far distance until we couldn’t see it anymore. We all got in our groups led by our chaperone. We opened the door to the museum. There was no doubt about it. The museum was HUGE!

We walked inside and we all wanted to explore it! The museum looked amazing! We could all infer that the trip was going to be a blast! We first headed to the Native American hall and a bunch of ancient halls with things that people used back then. We also visited the hall of gems. There were pretty sparkly gems of all kinds in all shapes and all colors. After we explored we all headed to Natures Fury a big room with large screens to watch different videos and different things to try. Everyone got a chance to try it out. We got to go see all the different animals like turtles and snakes. We also read the cool facts they had near them. Then we went up floors to go to see another show called Tiny Giants. Then we went past the reptiles and water animals. We hurried to go to a cool little clip on different animals called Life at The Limits. Then we explored some more and then we went in the Hayden Planetarium to watch a show on space called Dark Universe. Then we all went to the bus and we drove back to school to be picked up from our parents. The museum was so much fun!!

By: Nicole and Tia

Cultural Fair

In our classroom for the third grade Cultural Fair we are doing countries from the continent of Africa. We are making artifacts and researching all about country we chose with our partner. We have to research the country's, art, music, dance, food, theater, language, and other cool facts. Our class is working on these countries: Ethiopia, Morocco, Sudan, Ghana, Egypt, Madagascar, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Some of use will make traditional food, make art, do dances, speak their language, or do some theater. Some information was really hard to find, but we found a way to get all the information that we needed to know. For the Cultural Fair we will set up a table and put our research and information on the table to show people what we did. The Cultural Fair will be held Wednesday, June 3 in the afternoon. We can't wait to share all our knowledge.

By: Esha and Brianna

Meeting the World Through Mystery Skype

Have you ever wondered about Mystery Skype? In Mystery Skype you get to guess where they are in the world. You could be skyping with France, Africa, China, Asia, Europe, even Iceland! We have also skyped on twitter.

Our first mystery skype was with Nebraska, but since then we have skyped with South Carolina, Georgia, Washington, Alaska, and outside of the US like Ghana, Montreal, and Cyprus! There are many different jobs in Mystery Skype. The jobs are tweeter, manager, questioner, mapper, recorder, researcher and video taper. You can pick your jobs you want to do. The questioner asks the questions the mappers need to know. If they ask a question you don’t know that is what the researchers are for. After you guess each other’s state, you can talk and give facts about the state and school. We have learned so many facts!

Mystery Skype is very fun but also challenging. Our latest mystery skype we did was with teachers in Kansas! It was their first time mystery skyping and we skyped with them so they could learn how to do mystery skype in their school!

By: Gina and Thomas

Tweeting with Other Students!


This month we participated in a student chat on our twitter account. Our class was talking to students around the country and they were in all grades. This is how it works. One person was asking questions like, what was your favorite book of this year or what leadership jobs do you have in your classroom. Then we came up with a tweet to answer back to them. But the trick is, tweets can only be 140 characters! After your answer you write #stu2stuchat. The hashtag # means that everyone using that hashtag will get to see each other's responses. When were doing #stu2stuchat we pair up into groups when we tweet and we can respond to other responses, retweet, and favorite other students' tweets. This program is helpful for you because the students get to talk to other students in different states and get to see the people's opinion.

By: Kevin and Kofi

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