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Hundreds being held at Angel Island

Ever wanted to migrate to the United States? Well, you may have a hard time if you pass through Angel island.

Many Chinese who wanted to move to the United States had a very hard time getting through the inspection at Angel Island. Most Chinese were held for weeks or even months before they would know if they could enter the United States, and they didn't stay very well either, they faced prison-like conditions while they waited for the decision. Most of the time they were held in barracks to prevent them from escaping, and when they were allowed outside they had to be watched, some used the time in the barracks to write poetry. One Chinese wrote, "Imprisoned in the wooden building day after day. My freedom withheld; how can I bear to talk about it? I look to see who is happy but they only sit quietly. I am anxious and depressed and cannot fall asleep... After experiencing such loneliness and sorrow, why not just return home and learn to plow the fields?"

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What does this mean?

This picture represents business owners taking control of the kids that need the job in order to provide for their families. The owners like to keep as much money in the company as possible, so they pay the children very little, and treat them like they are nothing but slaves. This is why the progressive era came into play. Progressive means implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas. The picture is progressive because after the child labor laws were passed, children were not allowed to work until they were 14 and even after that they were put on restrictions that limited them on what they could do while working, they also had shorter hours than adults

Germany thinks they are better than us!

Germany has recently taken out one of our passenger boats. At 2:12 P.M. on May 7th, the Lusitania was heading for England when a German U-boat shot a torpedo at the ship with 1,900 people on board with over 120 of them being United States citizens. Over 1,100 died, including most of the Americans on board. If this does not prove that the Germans don't want us in the war, it proves that they think that they are better than us.


This image is Germany trying to get Mexico to side with them and attack the United States. Germany wants the United States to be distracted with Mexico so Germany is able to take advantage of them and win the war.


FOR SALE- Crude Oil for sale, $2.00 per gallon, contact D.J Rockefeller for more information

Wanted- Good workers for steel company, 50 cents an hour, contact Andrew Carnegie

Services- Need tank repairman, able to pay $75 per repair, contact General John J. Pershing

FOR SALE- Soft cotton for sale, 25 cents per pound able to contact any farmers nearby

Wanted- Need help with war efforts, able to pay $1400 per year

Services- Need protesters for woman's suffrage, no pay, volunteer to help

The British have recovered a telegram from Germany to Mexico!

The Gov't have received a message from the British that they have intercepted a telegram from Germany asking Mexico to attack the United States, and they are going to give them part of the country that they "lost". This is truly, a new low for Germany.

Art Deco

The multi-colored images symbolize the optimism of the future, technology, industry, and the modern world. When you look at the image and compare them to modern buildings, they look similar, don't they?

What a good sale for the Yankees!

In 1919, George Herman Ruth Jr. (Babe Ruth) was playing for the Orioles when he tied the single season home run record at 11, at the end of that season he was sold to the New York Yankees. During the first season with the Yankees, Babe Ruth set the seasons all time home run record at 54 home runs, when all of the other players only had up to 19 and only one team passed his individual record. But that's not all, the very next season, Babe set a new record of 59 home runs in a season. He is truly the best Baseball player ever.

The States


Nickname: The Golden State

Capital: Sacramento

In 1906 California had one of the worst earthquakes ever at a magnitude 8.25.