Mount Pinatubo In Ashes

By: Matt Hrubesky

The Ashes

The name of my Volcano is Mount Pinatubo. This is an active volcano that is in the Philippines. This eruption was the second largest of the twentieth century. The eruption created bad natural disasters like mudslides and mile long ash waves. On July 15, 1991 a lot of farmers were feeling earth quakes leading up to the eruption. People felt this eruption all over the world. It was ginormous. Global temperatures dropped one Fahrenheit all over the world just from this volcano. This volcano ended up building up for a couple of weeks and than it just exploded.

Volcano Statistics

This volcano was big. There used to be two naval bases on the island and they both just got blown away. It was so big that it stretched from there capital, all the way across the South China Sea and stretching to Singapore before the ash stopped. Thats a long way! The ash extended to as long and as wide as almost all of Texas. That's a big state. All in all, these volcanos are so interesting to study because of all the history that they contain and all of the interesting facts about it.

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