Social Studies Weekly

Year 3 Volume 25 ~ April 8, 2016

Anne Proctor

Congratulations to Anne for be selected to attend the Discover the European Union in Brussels study tour. This was sponsored by University of Pittsburgh's European Study Center along with the UNC Center for European Studies. This summer she will be traveling to Brussels to learn about the EU. We can't wait for her to share what she learns.

This Week in Social Studies

World History

Viva la Revolucion! On to industrialization and imperialism. A few years ago, several World History teachers got together to create a way to look at MAINE over time. This is the graphic organizer they created. It would be used for units 8-11. Additionally, there are graphic organizers for the specific standards in this unit. Use them judiciously.

Civics and Economics

Are we ready for some economics? Well, ready or not here it comes. There are several engaging activities in Haiku for this unit. For the start of the unit, there is a graphic organizer for the factors of production and a visual PowerPoint that can be used for a formative assessment. And an amazing scarcity activity about how to use a dialysis machine in a hospital. Have fun!

American 1

At the beginning of next week, we should be wrapping up Unit 4 and starting our Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion! Westward Ho! Unfortunately, there is not a lot in Haiku for this unit at this time. But, there a few good activities. Here is one on Indian Removal that was created by NC Civic Education Consortium. It was specifically designed with AM1 standards.

American 2

We thought we had learned our lesson after the Great War. It turns out, humans are a little stubborn. So, we welcome the chance to learn from World War II. Here is a gallery walk/jigsaw activity that can be used for this unit.

Tech Info

Have Fun With History: This site has video clips listed by topic, people, and event. These are mostly for AM1 and AM2. But, they are great short bits of information that can be used in the classroom. Remember to preview before use and set a purpose for watching.

Discover Education Trial

The county is looking at purchasing a subscription to Discovery Education. Some of you have experience with this amazing resource. Please encourage your colleagues to use it during our trial.

To check out all the offerings of Discovery Education

  1. Visit:
  2. In the top right corner they will see a tab for “passcode”. Enter the following code: A2A5-3A6F
  3. You will then be prompted to set up an account.
  4. Then, provide feedback about the program.

NC Wise Owl

For those of you that do not know about NC Wise Owl, please take a moment and bookmark it. It has many great resources that the state has paid subscriptions to use. The password is wiseowl15. Things that are found in NC Wise Owl:

-EBSCO research database

-Explora - EBSCO for secondary schools

- Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (you can get different lexile level texts for entries)

- PBS Videos you can view

- Point of View Reference Center - has a read aloud capacity and offers points/counterpoints

Opportunities and Information

NC Civic Education Consortium Opportunities: Teacher Fellows and Summer PD

There are many great opportunities. The deadline for their Global Islam and the Arts Teacher Fellows is April 15th. Check out all of the NC CEC offereings here.

National Council for Social Studies

Those of you interested in enhancing geographic knowledge of our students... there is a grant for that. The NCSS has several ways you can recognize your innovative co-workers through award nominations. All of this can be found at the Awards and Grants page of the NCSS.

Message from Melissa

I hope everyone had a relaxing Spring Break. The word on the street was... it was not long enough. I hear you! Now it is time to buckle down and make it to the finish line. I know our AP teachers are in the final crunch. All I can say is, you got this!

As you are aware, Andy has left the building! Well, actually he has just moved to the other side of the floor. Never fear, while we will miss him greatly, Courtney and I are holding down the fort. Just to keep you informed, we have no idea about who will take over or when they will advertise the position. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Have a fantastic weekend.