Plastic Cap Art

Beautification January 17th

Please Read the following letter from Rachel Quaintance regarding Plastic Cap Art

Hello 4th grade families!

On Friday our cap project comes to a close and we will do the project on Saturday, Jan. 17th, Beautification Day. I am really looking forward to it! Here are some details and information for you:

Friday is the last day to bring in caps. Thank you so much for all the collecting you've done!

The kids did artwork this Tuesday that will be incorporated into the mural, I have it and will bring on Saturday.

Beautification is 9 am - 3 pm. I'll be there all day, if you have a screw gun/drill, please bring it (with battery charged!)

We will need kids to count the caps (doesn't sound exciting, but it has to be done!)

Kids can use a drill and the liquid nails ONLY IF A PARENT IS PRESENT. While I love the idea of all kids getting a chance to drill and really work, a parent has to be there to supervise.

We have 2 large boards (one 4x8 and one 4x6) and one small board (4x2) that will hang out on the play yard.

You can come at any time of the day! Since the design is already done and painted on (it'll be like painting by numbers - except with caps and screw guns), it will be a lot of drilling. The kids will have the opportunity to help design the beginning part of the mural (they know what I mean) and we have to write a blurb about the project that will hang next to it.

Karen is getting all of the supplies we need from the City of WeHo.

The "cost" of the project is this: 2 plywood boards - given to us by Karen from her warehouse= $0. Approximately 8,000 caps collected by everyone and their mother (literally! my mom mailed me bags of caps!) - $0. Paint - already owned =$0

Screws/Ubolts - donated by the city = $0 So, all told, ZERO DOLLARS! And, lots of recycled materials!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Mr. Navarro and Ms. Russo for allowing me to do this project with the kids. And, of course, none of it can happen without your awesome children, you and all the collecting of caps! If you can't make it on Saturday, that's totally fine! The artwork on the caps that the kids did today will all be on the mural (they did a great job!), so their work will be included. The "art boards" (as we like to call them) will hang on the chain link fence outside, close to where the other art boards are. I am hoping to complete them on Saturday and get them hung. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

I hope to see you Saturday! -Rachel