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Ashlyn Latham; Editor-IN-Chief

One Mans Work Is Another Mans Pay

Do employers really care for the people that work for them? Many businesses such as meat process companies sure don't show it in their factories. Companies that need hundreds of workers in one building might not care much of their employees, or many may not even know those who work for them. These foundations are thinking of new tactics to find all the people they can get.

One tactic that is being used currently is bringing in foreigners. By doing this, the companies now get more workers and aren't getting blamed for the illegal immigration. The short video "Into The Grass" shows actual footage of these workers being dragged out of their homes and sent to prison for a variety of unfair reasons. The tricky thing behind this tactic though, was that they would only arrest these individuals in small groups so it would go unnoticed.

Our government needs to take repercussions and stop what is truly going on here. Hopefully soon laws or rules will be set so companies can not commit these treason's.

So maybe, just maybe, the next time you open your packaged meat, or stored eggs you will think about who made and helped get this product to you. For all you know, they could no longer be where you think.

Dear Future Citizens Of America

Dear Future Citizens Of America,

My name is Alice Paul. I was part of the Nation American Women Suffrage Association during what you would call the Progressive Era.

You may have heard of the NAWSA or at least I hope you have. We as women have done everything in our will to get the rights your most likely have now. Currently we can now vote! Sure, it took a lot of hard work, some suffragists including me were literally thrown in jail.

We kept fighting though, us women went on a food strike. Before that even, we stood outside the white house to protest. Yes, I know we sound crazy but we were fighting for the women's rights and I think that is worth everything. I truly hope the future Americans have accepted the females privileges and that we can now do more. Even if I wont be there to see it.

Sincerely, Picture Citation

Alice Paul

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The picture above is a representation of Horizontal Integration. It shows a creature, or as they call it "The Traction Monster" taking over or crawling over a small city. The city represents small businesses competing to be the best. Located on the monster you can see words such as "Standard Oil Trust" and "Steel Trust." Many companies would create trusts with industries so they could get supplies, eventually they would take over and be at the top of the food chain.

Brave President Roosevelt Helps End Violent War

In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt met with the helpless representatives of two troubled countries. Japan and Russia. These countries fought for pointless lands they sought to claim. This then created the Russo-Japanese War. For a year fighting broke out and finally they decided to stop in 1905. Japan, worn out, begged for our U.S. president Mr. Roosevelt to come and create a great peace between the countries. Thanks to Theodore, Japan and Russia negotiated the Treaty of Portsmouth, and the mighty president gained a Noble Prize for his brave peace making skills.

A Little Can Go A Long Ways

Remember last nights dinner? The whole meal your family threw away? Did you feel guilt? Well no worries! Starting today you can help out our soldiers fighting for us get the food that they need. Less wasting and more tasting! Cut down on the food you buy, the more food for them the better!

Always remember "Food Can Win The War!"

The Plead For War

In the beginning of World War I the U.S. decided to remain neutral. However when Germany decided to sink the Lusitania (a British luxury ship) it was hard for us to continue to be in isolationism (not being involved in affairs with other nations.) This ship was sunk by a German U-boat, it was a surprise to the U.S. that they sunk this ship because just earlier Germany actually issued the Sussex pledge (Not to sink merchant vessels.) Finally on April 6, 1917 the United States joined the Allies in war, after three new American ships were attacked.

This wasn't the only reason we joined the war though, Germany once again tried taking advantage of us after issuing the Zimmerman note to Mexico. This notes said that if Mexico turned against us that they would give U.S. lands they sought to claim, Germany did this so we would get distracted with Mexico and not World War I. Luckily Mexico denied the note and the United States went into war angry. When preparing for the battlefields men were drafted for war and were sent to France for training. While traveling on sea we used the convoy system so we were protected, this is where ships carrying soldiers were surrounded by boats such as destroyers and cruisers. General Pershing was the main general that ordered to send the troops over. Going over, we were unsure what to expect.

Luckily our training in Paris helped and we were off to battle against the Central Powers. Many casualties happened during war, but finally after months and months of fighting the war was over. The rioting countries signed off on the armistice on Nov. 11, 1918, where the Allied Powers had won. WWI was a harsh period in time and over 8.5 million people died.

"Its Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible"

In April 1928 Walt Disney rode home on a train after a depressing day of losing his favorite cartoon character (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) to a famous producer. Walt Disney then decided to create a new character called Mickey Mouse, who is now the most recognized cartoon character in the world. Mickey was then copyrighted and had started showing up up during the silent motion picture era.

On November 18, 1928 Mickey's first film was shown. It was called "Steamboat Willie." This film received rave reviews and everyone who had seen this adored him and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse. These stars were perished and soon more characters like Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy started to show up. Then on January 13, 1929 Micky's first comic strip was shown in newspapers. Walt Disney's career also grew during these years and now today he is one of the most known people.

The Flight Around The World

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Amelia was 16th in place of receiving a woman's pilots licence and the first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean in 1928, as well as the the first to fly over both the Atlantic and Pacific at the same time. She often found herself flying for fun and had a restless quality.

Amelia soon became an author after successfully flying over the Atlantic Ocean. News papers exploding in disbelief and soon the impossible seemed possible. Then in 1937 Amelia took on the challenge in the flight around the world. She took off in 1937 and was assumed to be back, sadly no sign was heard from her. Earhart had suddenly disappeared, the whole country was devastated. Amelia was announced dead in 1939.