Goldilocks ROCKS!!!

by Jada and Lexi

Goldilocks And The Three Bears!

We are selling our very own original ten finger summary! We would like to sell it for $5.99! Would you like to hear it? Sure you would! "Goldilocks broke into the bears house and broke EVERYTHING!!!" Did you like that? Sure you did!

Believe Me, Goldilocks ROCKS!!!!

We are selling another of our original ten finger summary for $5.99! Would you like to hear this one too? Sure you would! "Baby bear A.K.A. Sam is really good friends with Goldilocks"!

Did you like that? Sure you did!

similarities and differences

three similar things three different things

1.they were both bears was named Sam and one was baby bear

2.both Goldilocks are little girls 2.Sam was friends with Goldilocks baby bear was not

3.both like very small things jumps on the bed with goldlocks one dose not

What one we liked better!

We liked "Believe Me Goldilocks Rocks" We liked it better because it was more animated.