Eukaryotic alien cell

By:Sarah Elliott, Ava Boyles, and Caidence Douglas!

The Alien cell is Eukaryotic because the cell has a nucleus.It also has more Eukaryotic membrain bound organells.

The parts of the cell

Nucleus: It controls the cell

Chloroplast: Absorbs sun light for food

Mitochondria: Creates energy for the cell

Lysosome: Gets rid of cell wastes

Risosome: Makes proteins

E.R: move moves material around cell

Golgi complex: sorts and packing proteins

Cell wall: Gives plants it's shape, supports the cell and also protects it

Cell membrane: Controls what gose in and out of cell

Nucleolus: Helps make proteins

Vacuole: Holds materials and wastes

The Alien cell and the might look like pictures