Transition Plus

T+ Has Got Talent!

Happy Spring!

We are nearing Spring Break and we all are in need of it.

Consistency is key with so many of our students. Please try to maintain consistency in your classes and schedules as we move through the next couple of weeks.

Remember, we all have our own challenges and let's try to be gentle and supportive with each other and our students as we move through until Spring Break.

Licensed Staff Meeting

I recognize the last two team meeting dates were taken up by in-services. So, the Licensed Staff Meeting this week is cancelled - please use this time on Tuesday to meet in your teams- if your team chooses to meet on a different day that is okay.

Please share the agendas with me.

ESY Hiring Update:

I was reminded this week that I did not let you know that ESY will not be here at the Wilder building this year. ESY is going to be housed at South HS this summer, as we are getting a new roof on the building and the fumes may be too much for our students and staff with sensitive sensory systems.

For staff who are interested in working to provide extended school year services (ESY) this summer here is the timeline for hiring and filling ESY staff positions at cluster sites.

ESY Teaching and SEA positions will be open for application March 13 – 16. Round 1 hiring will start March 21 -23 and first round applicants will be notified by email if they have been selected for a position.

If you have additional questions you can call Lisa Siebold at 668-5423 or email or email Jennifer Schneider at

Buses for Fieldtrips

Field trip buses can be costly, but there is an opportunity from Target to apply for a grant to help fund. If you are interested in looking at this grant opportunity please check it out here.

May 4 Job Fair for TPlus

Please mark your calendars. There will be a Job Fair at nearby Phelps Park (39th & Chicago Ave) for Transition Plus students on Thursday, May 4th.

The Job Fair is being organized expressly for Transition Plus students by the Mpls CTIC group and will run from 10 -1 pm. A few charter schools are also expected to attend the Job Fair.

Save the Date: Summer Institutes, Conferences and Intensives

The following dates have been identified for summer institutes, conferences, and intensives. More information about participants, expectations, and related information will be shared soon.

  • Language and Literacy Conferences (June 20-22, August 1-3)
  • Mental Health Intensives (June 23)
  • Racial Equity Institute (June 29th and 30th)
  • Leadership Institute: ILT and PSWE (August 8- 9)
  • New Licensed Staff Orientation (August 16-17)

Summer Proposals

If you have thoughts or ideas for summer work that could be funded through Q-Comp to:

  • improve collaboration between licensed and ESP staff
  • expand on curriculum work
  • develop resources for transition plus staff and/or students
  • innovative ideas
  • other

Please complete this by May 1st and submit to me. ILT will review proposals and budget available. You will be notified by May 31 if your proposal is accepted

Printing Changes

All of Wilder is switching to cloud printing. All district employees will be on the same district cloud queue. You will be able to print from any district printer.

All laser jets will be removed other than the Computer lab, main office and PAES lab.

Every person will get a sticker to put on the back of their badge and it will associate with you the first time you sign in- Many staff already have these.

* Roll out is Monday March 27th- You will not be able to print between 11-3 **

* Jobs will only suit in the queue for for 8 hours and then will disappear.

Counselors Corner

As the month of March continues to march along, here are some additional career resources for our students and families:

~ A great employment resource for immigrants or refugees with disabilities:

~Solar Installation Training Program

There is new legislation in effect that will impact the Class of 2018. Students will be able to use their MCA scores for course placement at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

  • Students at or above identified scores must not be required to take remedial, noncredit courses in the corresponding subject area.
  • If MCA scores are below this identified score, further information is needed to determine course placement (e.g. Accuplacer, placement tests, etc.)

JAG Updates for School-Wide Activities

1. Anti-Bullying Campaign here is the leaders responsible for this project: Jimeny (leader), Liliana, Deangelo, Sergio, Ana; More information coming soon.

2. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Pennies for Patients here are the students responsible for this project: Dengsue (leader), Justin, Adee, Reagie and Manito they are collecting pennies/money. This project will be a competition between the advisories. The one with the most money will be awarded with “pizza party” (pending for confirmation).

Here it is our Talent Show update status: The audition last Friday was a success!

1. A practice day is next Friday- 3/24/17 during periods one and two. The students need a pass from teachers in order to be at the Auditorium.

2. The second and final practice day is Wednesday- 3/29/17 during 1st and 2nd period in the Auditorium. The students need a pass from teachers in order to be at the Auditorium.

3. The Talent Show is on Thursday- 3/30/17; the day before Spring Break in the Auditorium from 1:00-3:00 pm.

Survey Regarding Lunch Schedule

There has been discussion around adjusting the way lunches are scheduled for next school year.

We would like to get your opinion on the proposed change.

Please fill out the following survey to have your voice heard.

Results will be reviewed by ILT.

Upcoming Dates

March 20--------First Day of Spring!!!!

March 22--------PSWE

March 23--------MDE Site visit/ Tour

March 24--------ILT

March 24--------ESP Meeting- Feedback for improving next year 2-2:30; 2:35-3:05

March 25--------Resource Fair at Davis 10 am-2 pm

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