Being A Chef

Career One-Paper Activity by India Carter

Hello. My name is India Carter and when i'm 30 I will be a chef.

What is a chef?

A chef is "The chief cook, especially in a restaurant or hotel, usually responsible for planning menus, ordering foodstuffs, overseeing food preparation, and supervising the kitchen staff."
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Reasons I like this career

One reason is because I've always had a passion for cooking. Another reason is because I've always loved learning how to cook and watching people cook, so I wanted to try it for myself. Lastly I've always wanted to see that look people get on their faces when they eat amazing food on the people who eat my food.

Three facts about this career: 3 things a chef would never tell you

  • Chefs won't pay the same price for their food that you do they say its a waist of money.
  • Chefs cook when their sick.
  • Chef hate working on New Years Eve more than any other day.

To do list

Step 1: You have to complete a education program like a culinary institute such as "Le Cordon Bleu"

Step 2: You need to gain work experience "Those new to the culinary field will typically take entry-level kitchen positions as kitchen assistants or line cooks to gain work experience. After gaining several years of experience, they may be considered for promotions to chef positions."

Step 3: You need to get certified "The ACF awards many levels of chef certifications, including specialization certifications for pastry and personal chefs."

Step 4: "Earn multiple certifications. Potential employers may find a chef with several different certifications to be a particularly attractive job candidate. Earning multiple certifications shows that a chef has versatility and can assume many roles in a kitchen environment."