Digital Footprints

A record/trail of things done and seen on electronic devices

Kayla Fischer Hour 7

Think Before You Post

Think of all the people that will see what you post. Would you want all of those people to see what you posted? If not, you probably shouldn't be posting it in the first place.

Be Safe

Do not post any personal information, such as address, phone number, or anything else of the sorts. Even though your settings are set to private, there are ways for people to find that information.

Set a Good Example

Teach others about digital citizenship by being a good digital citizen yourself, and teaching them the best way to be a good digital citizenship.

Use Etiquitte

Use lower case and upper case letters appropriately, make subject lines clear and simple, keep attachments small, and check spelling and grammar.

Stand up for others

If you see or hear of someone being cyber-bullied, stand up for them, and let others know that it is not okay to bully people even if it is through technology. Also, don't be a cyber bully yourself. If there is any chance what you are about to send or post could hurt the other person, then it shouldn't be sent or posted.
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