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Are You Good At Manufacturing and Packaging?


In this job you will be the rough endoplasmic reticulum. You will work with other organelles to synthesize (produce) and collect proteins and send them to other locations they are needed.

Job Description

In this job you will mainly be manufacturing and packaging. You will work closely with the golgi apparatus, ribosomes, mRNA, and tRNA. You will also be collecting proteins in sacs within your double membrane called cisternae. Once the cisternae are full you will ship them off to other organelles.


To qualify to be the rough endoplasmic reticulum you will have to be able to bond with the fellow ribosomes and also be covered in them. In addition you can not be the same shape as smooth ER. Of course you must be rough. Another qualification you must have is to attach to the nucleus.

Compensation and Benefits

At this job you will be able to live in the magnificent eukaryotic cell dorms. You will also be able to have two nicknames: RER and Rough ER. You will also have connections with the popular nucleus and can carry the designer cisternae sacs.

Contact Information

Nucleus Tagalong

3 Rough ER Way

Eukaryotic Cell, NC 75934

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