Daisy Fleabane

Aster Family

What does the Daisy Fleabane look like?

The Daisy Fleabane's main color is white. I made up a crayon color for Daisy Fleabane's main color. The crayon color is marshmallow white! The extra color in the flower is a bright yellow. The many atop stem is the flower arrangement/position. It looks like a coat rack!! Daisy Fleabane's leaves are called lanceolate smooth! Lanceolate smooth looks like green beans attached to the plant!! Daisy Fleabane's flower type is daisy like! It looks like a sun! Daisy Fleabane grows 8-28 inches tall!! The flower head is 1/2-1 inches wide!!

When and were does Daisy Fleabane bloom?

  • April-August
  • Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, Northeast
  • Moist meadows, woods, and stream banks

Wow Facts!!!

  1. Asters turn redish when it is pollenated.
  2. The family name is the Aster Family.
  3. Daisy Fleabane got it's name because it keeps fleas out of your house.
  4. There young leaves can be cooked into spinach.

Images from www.google.com