"Truth Alone Triumphs"

History of India

Indias civilization dated back to 2500 b.c. This civilization declined around 1500 b.c. probably due to ecological changes. But as we know it today it was founded in 1947.

Coloizing India

India was colonized in the 17th century by the British and received its independence on August 15th 1947

Ethinic Groups

  1. Negrito

  2. Proto - Australoids or Austrics

  3. Mongoloids

  4. Mediterranean or Dravidian

  5. Western Brachycephals

  6. Nordic Aryans

Things to VIsit

Two place to visit in the country India are: 1. The Agra is an unmissable stop on your tour of India. The white domed structure boasts delicately detailed interiors, tranquil gardens and a collection of other impressive buildings. 2. The Shimla is also sometimes referred to as the Queen of Hills. Its also the highest peak which is also home to many playful monkeys who hang out waiting to be fed.