Kamdar's Friday Flyer

Our Learning Journey

Welcome Back

We are off to a great start! Students learned many classroom and school wide expectations and procedures. They work hard everyday to live the IB way.

We have read and discussed many books focusing on seeing others' perspectives and learning to listen with our hearts and minds.

A peek at the Week

  • Math: Graphing and comparing (ex: how many more walked to school than biked to school?)
  • Reading: assessing students reading level
  • Sharing the Planet: Learning how to step into others' shoes to try and see their perspective
  • Writing: Launching Narrative Writing.

Upcoming Dates

Fall Picture Day: Sept. 21

Assessments & School to Home Connection

  • I will be assessing students' reading levels the Week of Sept. 5
  • One particular book that caused students to take action is The Peace Stick by Nidhi Misrah. As a class, students decided that it would be a great idea to have our own classroom peace stick. Hence, we got one. We will be decorating this stick together. If you can, please send a small item such as a feather, bead, or pebble to school. To make a school to home connection, I suggested perhaps when students go outdoors, they can look for a stick of their own to decorate and use at home. Ask your child to tell you the story!
  • Students also made a movie script last week titled: Mouse and the Dino. I had asked them to retell the movie script to you.