this book is about a girl named Nere that has eye and lung problems and soon finds out that she is part of the Neptune project witch is when people go through a transformation witch changes them to where she can breath under water. she and here friends go on a journey to find her dads colony underwater so they can start a new life.


The main two places are on land and in the sea, mostly they're in the sea. the land affected Nere by making it hard for her to breath and she had to wear glasses, but under water she didn't have lung problems and she could see better than regular people. This time is in the future.

theme, conflict and plot, and book recomendation


instead of making something bad make something better. so in the story the towns government made people leave the coast Nere's mom told Nere and about the Neptune project and to join her dads colony to start something better.


The problems are that Nere and her friends all have a problem with their lungs and eyes. Second is that there is something called the Marine Guard who want to catch, research, or kill the Neptune kids. The third problem is the dangers journey ahead of them when their fighting squid, Marin Guard , and sharks.

EXPOSITION: Nere, Robry, Lena, Sea, Land, Future.

COMPLICATION: Nere and her friends are part of the Neptune Project.

RISING ACTION:(1) Nere and her friends save her friend from a sunk crew ship.

(2)Government tells all people on the coast to move inland.

(3) Nere and friends go thorough the Neptune transformation.

(4 )Neres mom gets shot while trying to save them from the Marin Guard.

(5) Nere and friends try to get away from Marin guard and meets up with other Neptune kids that help.

(6)the "pod" travels to get to a ship wreck which shows they are halfway there.

(7)Meet p with more kids and has to burry on that got shoot by the marin guard after trying to save her.

(8)The pod gets to the ship wreck and nere finds her long lost brother which was hiding right above the ship wreck.

CLIMAX: Nere and the pod get to the ship wreck< or the halfway point.

FALLING ACTION: Dai (a person that lloves nere) was acting normal but is actualy a combination of a human and shark, is part of a crew that are Neptune kids but are mixed with lots of different animals like squid called WASP. They get in a big fight and then Dai turns himself over and goes home with them.

RESOLOUTION: Nere and whats left of the pod gets to the safety harbor were she finds her dad who faked his death.

BOOK RECOMENDATION: The Neptune Project is a thrilling and exciting book that has a whole lot of drama and sad parts. Even though this book is violent and has a lot of killing it is really cool and exciting moments. once you start reading this book you cant stop reading. Even though this novel is fiction it has a lot of science and nonfiction moments that really got me interested into this book. that is why I recommend reading this great novel the Neptune Project.