12 Cranial Nerve Pairs


CN I Olfactory

  • Sensory
  • Smell
  • Ask a person to smell a substance

CN II Optic

  • Sensory
  • Sight
  • Check the persons visual acuity

CN III Oculomotor

  • Motor
  • Movement of the eyelids, eyeball, pupil constriction
  • Check eye movement and have the person follow an object with their eyes

CN IV Trochlear

  • Motor
  • Movement of the eye, eye dialation
  • Check eye movement and check pupil size

CN V Trigeminal

  • Both
  • Touch, pain, temperature, chewing
  • Evaluate sense of touch, pain, temperature, open and move jaw and mouth

CN VI Abducens

  • Motor
  • Movement of eye
  • Check eye movement, make person follow obeject

CN VII Facial

  • Both
  • Facial expressions, taste, secretion of tears and saliva
  • Sense of taste, ability to smile, frown, whistle, and raise eyebrows

CN VIII Auditory

  • Sensory
  • Hearing and balance
  • Test hearing, balance, if the person can walk a straight line

CN IX Glossopharyngeal

  • Both
  • Tongue movements, swallowing, gagging, taste, touch, temperature, regulation of blood pressure
  • Gag reflex checked, swallowing, coughing

CN X Vagus

  • Both
  • Vital signs, function of heart, lings, digestive, longest cranial nerve
  • Check gag reflex, swallowing, coughing

CN XI Spinal Accessory

  • Motor
  • Movement of head, neck, and shoulders
  • Rotate head, and shrug shoulders

CN XII Hypoglossal

  • Motor
  • Tongue movements
  • Check tongue deviation when protruded