Seneca Falls Convention

By Baylie Levy

The Seneca Falls Conventon promoted equality

Wednesday, July 19th 1848 at 9am

Seneca Falls, NY, United States

Seneca Falls, NY

The Convention started the 19th of July 1848, and ended on the 20th of July 1848.

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People Involved

Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (who were the "leaders" of the convention), Lucy B. Stone and Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony were the main women who were there. There were a total of 300 women who participated in the convention.

On the second day, about 40 men joined in!

Cause of the event

Women couldn't vote or do anything else except take care of the family, so they wanted to persuade the government to give them their rights. The women wanted their rights and they wanted it right then and there. They weren't going to wait any longer for it. So they decided to hold a convention to maybe make it a bit easier.

The idea for the event happened in England in 1840 when elizabeth cady stanton and Lucretia Mott, who were attending a meeting of the World Anti-Slavery Society, could not speak from the floor or to be seated as delegates. Mott and Stanton left where the meeting was taking place and began to talk about the fact that while they were trying to get rights for slaves, women thought that they were treated unequally.

purpose of event

The purpose of the Convention was to hold speeches, make own declaration that states the rights they need, protest, and do whatever they can to get their rights. The Convention was held to get the rights the women have been wanting for a very long time... the voting rights.

effects on America's economy

The Convention let women know that they can stand up for their rights, and that they are just as equal to men.

The convention changed the economy because now, the government pays women to work outside of the house, and they can do all the things (and maybe more) then the men can do. There has also been so many women have done great and powerful things for this nation.

Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage


Yes, women did get the right to vote.

But... there was bad things to the Seneca Falls Convention.

Women were arrested but refused to listen to the government so they were dragged away to prison. When in prison, if they refused to be fed they would be put in a straightjacket and force fed.

Why It Promoted Equality

The Seneca Falls Convention promoted equality by getting women's rights to vote and work among men. They didn't get the full pay that men did but they still got to work with them. The Convention promoted equality by saying that women are people to and that they don't have to work at the house without pay.
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