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Holiday Gift Guide flier available on TOT

While we’re all enjoying the last few days of summer, it’s not too early to start creating excitement for the holiday season! Use the Holiday Gift Guide Flier available on the How to Market October page on TOT to share the excitement with your Customers and Hostesses.

The pack of 25 Holiday Gift Guide fliers available on Business Supply are currently on Low Inventory and are projected to move to Backorder. Take advantage of the printable PDF available on TOT and share it with your Customers. Stay tuned to the Business Update for updates on this item!

New recruits can earn even more in September

Our Better Together Opportunity Incentive and Better Together StartSwell program are two amazing ways your newest recruits can earn FREE products, cash bonuses and start her business off strong.

When she enrolls Sept. 1-30, 2015 and submits $600 in Personal Volume in her first 30 days, she’ll earn an additional 10 percent commission with our Better Together Opportunity Incentive! That’s a total of 35 percent on all orders!

While she’s earning our Better Together Opportunity Incentive (Sept. 1-30, 2015), she’s also earning StartSwell. For the first time ever, she can earn rewards at all three StartSwell levels!

Remind your newest recruits to join one of our live New Consultant Webinars where our Home Office friends will share tips and information to help her get started. Click on the “Join a Webinar” ad on your TOT dashboard for registration details. (NOTE: Webinars will not be recorded and space is limited.)

As a special bonus for our leaders, ALL new Consultants who join Sept. 1-30, 2015 and become PEQAs will count toward your 2016 Leadership Incentive Trip earning! Earning begins soon (Oct. 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016) - stay tuned to TOT for more details.

Earn a spot in our Winter Facebook Communities

There is still time to party your way and earn a spot in one of our Winter Facebook Community Groups!

What are Facebook community groups? Our groups are exclusive Thirty-One Facebook groups for Consultants who are party and PV rock stars! The communities are a great resource, providing instant access to your peers from different levels of the business and their extensive knowledge base, as well as dedicated Home Office staff.

To earn a spot in a Winter Facebook community, the following criteria must be met July 1,2015 – September 30, 2015:

  • 1K2: $3,000 total PV over the 3-month earning period
  • 2K4: $6,000 total PV over the 3-month earning period
  • 4K8: $12,000 total PV over the 3-month earning period

Check out more details about Facebook Communities here on TOT!

Low inventory news!

Message from our National Executive Director, Lindsey Hale!
How to deal with low inventory


1. Our “Stronger Than You Think” Tumbler and Lid will move to Stop Sell effective Sept. 22 with an anticipated Oct. 9 release date. Current Backorders will be fulfilled with the Oct. 9 release. Please continue to watch the Business Update for any changes.

2. We have some good news to share – Fashion Games in Cognac Woods Pebble comes off Stop Sell effective Sept. 21. We appreciate your patience as we bring in more inventory in this great style.

3. As you know, we have a new inventory strategy for Customer Specials – Promotional While Supplies Last (PWSL). This means if we have limited inventory, the Customer Special item(s) will move to Stop Sell rather than Backorder for the remainder of that month’s Customer Special. When more inventory becomes available, we’ll turn the item(s) back on at regular price in a future month.

Towards the end of September, 3 prints in our Deluxe Utility Tote will move to Stop Sell: Charcoal Links, Bubble Bloom and Black Playful Parade. All 3 move to Low Inventory on Sept. 21 with "Stop Sell" listed as the projected next step. You can continue to sell these prints up to the Stop Sell date. We encourage you to submit your orders as early as possible if you or your Customers want one of these 3 prints.

Don’t forget we still have other great prints available in the Deluxe Utility Tote: Black Links, Navy Dancing Dots and Vintage Damask.

4. Our Thirty-One Gives Nail File Bundle (set of 3) on Business Supplies moves to Stop Sell on Sept. 22 with an estimated release date of Oct. 9. Current Backorders will be fulfilled with the Oct. 9 release.

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YOU'RE INVITED!!! Wednesday, September 23rd

Hi there,

You're invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Dream Team----ARE YOU IN? Join me for a VIDEO chat about LEADERSHIP!!!

Time: Sep 23, 2015 9:00 PM (GMT-4:00) America/Indiana/Indianapolis

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:

+1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 848 881 523

International numbers available:

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Have you seen these images yet?

They can be ordered on Business supply OR printed from TOT ( and begin October 1st through January 31, 2016.

I LOVE these fun holiday options!!

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Have your bookings? Now what?

Check out the video below for details on how I put together my hostess packets! (it's an older video but pretty much haven't changed things in regards to hostess packets!!)
Booked my parties, now what?

Chelsea Abu-Seir, Executive Director

Office Hours:

M- 10am-3pm

T&H- 10am-4pm

W&F- 10am-12pm and by appointment