Caileigh O'Hara Science Page

This is a reflection and sharing of my learning

Intro to Caileigh O.

Hello, my name is Caileigh O'Hara! I love my family, friends, dance, and gymnastics! My favorite thing to do is dance. I dance everyday after school whether it is ballet, contemporary, or jazz, I have fun and am always doing something. I take a little gymnastics and I love it. I have two boy siblings that are all older than me. My mom is a stay at home mom while my dad is at work fighting fires because he is a Fire Captain working in San Bernadine County. I love my dog he is like a best friend he means the world to me, his name is Bunkers. I hope to be a Dancer when I grow up, what about you?

Introduction to Science 6

This past month has been a blast learning all different kinds of things! First, we started with measuring small object to measuring the weight of bigger object using a triple beam balance. We also used metric rulers as well as studying the difference between quantitative and qualitative measurements. Then, we did some labs with microscopes and learned how to properly uses and handle a microscope. We saw salt, sand, and letters up close in different magnifications. Lastly, we foucused on mapping and learning about longitude and latitude, prime meridian, Northern and Southern Hemisphere, and more! We had handouts that foucused in mapping Orange County to the world globe. It was so much fun!

My Favorite Lab!

My favorite lab would have to be the microscope sand lab. That lab was a combination of unfolding the mystery and getting yo look at different sands close up from around the world. So cool!