Walk Two Moons Symbolism

-Cooper M-D

Summary Of Walk Two Moons

In this novel Walk Two Moons Sal takes a trip with her grandparents through the country to get to her mother before her birth day. On there journey Sal tells a story about her friend Pheobe and her missing mother and the lunatic.


There is a lot of symbolism throughout Walk Two Moons, and that the symbolism is a connection through characters, ties to make the book feel deeper and the story line to feel alive and realistic.

Symbolism Of Walk Two Moons

Through out this book Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech uses symbolism to add ties and feelings to the characters. She adds A deeper feeling to the book and story line. " I just have some allergies, I think. To blackberries? The truth is, I don't have allergies, but I could not admit that blackberries reminded me of my mother." (Creech 21-22) Through out the book there is more symbolism, Of Trees and hair and so much more. Sal prays to the trees, kisses them. It reminds her of her mother. On pages 25,38,192,268 and more. She even kisses the tree next to her mothers grave and says "Happy Birth Day mom" on one of the ending pages. And even her hair.

After her mom left she didn't cut her hair, maybe as a connection to her. Maybe a bond? On page 12 she goes to school and people go up to her and ask her about her hair. Later she gets a spider and puts it out side, and people call her brave but thinks that she is not. She is afraid of a lot of things, including car accidents, could this be a connection of symbolism why she doesn't cut her hair, why she prays to trees, and blackberries remind her of her mother?