Gilese 581g says hello from the other side of the universe!

Adele is a beautiful place to visit, or even live!

Our planet, Adele, has been universe renowned for being the best vacation spot! Our tropical like setting provides us with beach resorts and many varieties of wildlife. Every year, billions of creatures of all shape and size flock to Adele for a get away from their lives on other planets. The diameter of our great planet 403,396! As you can see we are a very habitable place to call home, or your tropical vacation spot. It's so warm because it is only 22.5 kilometers away from is sun! How cool is that?
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A year is just 37 Earth days!

Interesting facts

*Adele is the of the most habitable planets for humans

*Adele is home to more than 40 billion different animal species.

*Adele is dead locked, which mean it doesn't rotate.

*Adele is known for its rocky surface.

It's 20.22 light years away! Buckle up for a long ride!

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The ride there & your weight on the planet!