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Deborah Aless

Face Forward: Victims Of Domestic And Gang Violence Deserve Better

For a lot of people, domestic violence is something they hear about or they read about in the news, see it on TV or come across it in discussion forums from time to time. A lot of us are lucky because we never have to face up to the reality that is domestic violence. If we cast our eyes further however, there lies a grim reality not just for those affected but for the society as a whole. There are people who face up to violence of all kinds in the course of their daily lives. There are also people who have never known peace in their lives, and it pains so much to think that most of these are women and children. There is a lot of suffering that the victims of domestic violence are exposed to, and all this in a bid to make sure that they get to live their lives one day at a time. Face Forward comes to the plight of such persons and aims to assist them overcome such challenges. For those whose lives have been shattered, they are assisted to build a new life and start afresh.

Starting a new life is not always an easy thing to do, especially if you have overcome violence in your home, or even at your work place. People like Deborah Alessi had to flee her native Scotland to be free from an abusive relationship. However, not everyone is able to get this kind of reprieve. Today there are organizations that seek to assist victims of domestic abuse and to help them craft new lives again. Women are the foundation upon which our society is based, and when they are in danger, it is right to say that our society is at risk.

With official reports indicating that domestic abuse is rife to women aged 15-44 it becomes hard for someone to start building a new life at 44, and this is why through Face Forward the victims are assisted by able persons to start afresh. There is a good deal of counseling involved to help the victims recover from the trauma. A child of 15 when abused will only be afraid of the future, and will not get the chance to advance in their life. Because of this it is important that we all address domestic violence as the epidemic that it is, other than speaking about it in hushed tones.

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Deborah Alessi is Co-Founder of Face Forward and a social activist too who take a deep care of the victims of violent and disfiguring crimes. She runs an organization who is serving those victims. Do keep in touch with her on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.