Story Time

Tony M, Lauren, Mike


The Lady, or the Tiger is a short story written by Frank R. Stockton in 1882.This story makes people think beyond the normal perceptions. The story is about a king who punishes a courier for having a relationship with his daughter. The story highlights the end when the courier is put in an arena to pick a door. One door leads to a tiger and the other leads to a woman. The Princess finds out what's behind which door was the tiger and which was the other woman. In gesturing to her lover about which door to choose, would she be lead him to death or into the arms of another woman? A real life event that this story relates to is going to jail. The theme of determination and free will; the semi-barbaric king allowed the prisoners who were subjected to his judgment to choose their fates. No one was allowed to interfere with the prisoners’ choice of the door. It relates because a person has the option to do good or do bad and nobody will interfere with his choices.