BC Beauty Brigade

April Newsletter

March was a banner month for our team!!

I just want to thank all of you for your incredible hard work during March. Our team was lifted to new heights and it was because of YOU!!

March Top Sellers (PV)

  1. Kalin Liburd - $6,194.57
  2. Rebecca Manjarrez - $4,891.00
  3. Reasa Woody - $4,172.67
  4. Kim Nielsen - $3,817.94
  5. Tanya Davis - $3,474.00
  6. Larissa Klein - $2903.00
  7. Marjorie Parkington - $2,707.00
  8. Lisa Bourdeau - $2,062.00
  9. Corrine Paul - $1,790.93
  10. Hartleigh Cane - $1,751.00

Our top 3 sellers were also in the Top 5 for Washington State!!

Top in Sponsoring

  1. Jennifer Mager - 5
  2. Larissa Klein - 3
  3. Rebecca Manjarrez - 3
  4. Kalin Liburd - 2
  5. Cheleana Stafflund - 2
  6. Sonya Hopkins - 2


Senior Consultant

Genie Ott

Cheleana Staffflund

Alejandra Arriaga

Cherie Yin

Tanya Kaselj

Lisa Bourdeau

Rebecca Stepan


Marjorie Parkington

Tanya Davis

Sonya Hopkins

Corrine Paul

Kim Nielsen

Senior Manager

Reasa Woody


Rebecca Manjarrez

Kalin Liburd

Senior Director

Larissa Klein

Executive Director

Jennifer Mager


April has already started out strongly!! There are a ton of things to use to propel your business forward this month.

Mother's Day Sets will be available, but there was an issue with one of the products, so stay tuned as to what it will be.

Say Yes to Success - See Flyer

Mascara - Pre-Sale from April 25-29. You can use this as an BOGO or a sign up bonus for new consultants.

3 Minute Face Promotion

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BC Beauty Brigade Leadership Team

Jennifer Mager, Executive Director

Keep on rocking it!! You are all so amazing!!